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Welcome to the ring of innovation, where entrepreneurs go head-to-head for the LegitTV™ Startup Crown! The Startup Rumble is the ultimate showdown for small business owners, as they pitch their business ideas to a panel of expert judges and battle it out for a chance to win $1000 and a business support package. Are you ready to rumble and showcase your entrepreneurial skills? Then step into the ring and submit your three-minute video pitch. Let's get ready to rumble!

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Welcome to the "Startup Rumble" competition, where entrepreneurs come to duke it out for the LegitTV™ Startup Crown and a cash prize of $1000! Are you ready to rumble?

The competition is simple: submit a three-minute video pitch showcasing your business idea, and you could be one of the 20 entrepreneurs selected to move on to the viewer's voting stage. From there, it's a battle royale to see who can captivate the audience and win the most votes. The top five startups will then go head-to-head in the final round, where a panel of expert judges will evaluate each pitch based on its strength and potential for success.

But it's not just bragging rights and a cash prize that's up for grabs. The winner will also receive a business support package to help turn their idea into a successful business. Plus, all 20 selected entrepreneurs will gain valuable exposure by having their pitch videos posted on LegitTV's channels on Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to show off your entrepreneurial skills, and maybe even become the next startup success story. But remember, only the most creative, innovative, and captivating pitches will make it to the top.


Can you handle The Rumble?


The Rules​:

  1. The Rumble Begins: Submit a video pitch of your business idea, and get ready to rumble! Your video pitch should showcase your business idea and explain why it has the potential to succeed. Be creative and captivating, and show your passion and enthusiasm for your idea. You can also highlight any unique features or advantages that set your business apart from competitors. Remember to keep your pitch under three minutes and within the rules of the competition.

  2. The Contenders: Only 20 entrepreneurs will be selected to move on to the viewers' vote. We're looking for creativity, innovation, and the ability to captivate an audience.

  3. The Showdown: The videos of the 20 selected entrepreneurs will be posted on LegitTV's channels on Roku and Amazon Fire TV. This means that your business will have the potential to reach a large audience and gain valuable exposure.

  4. The Deadline: The deadline to submit your video pitch is May 1st. After this date, we will review all entries and select the top 20 entrepreneurs to move on to the viewers' vote.

  5. The Voting: From May 15th to June 15th, viewers can vote for their favorite startup. The five startups with the most votes will advance to the final round.

  6. The Battle: The finalists will have the opportunity to pitch their business idea to our panel of expert judges.

  7. The Judgement: The judges will evaluate each finalist based on the strength of their business idea, the quality of their pitch, and the potential for their business to succeed.

  8. The Crown and Support: The ultimate winner will receive the LegitTV™ Startup Crown, a cash prize of $1000, and a business support package to help turn their idea into a successful business. They will be crowned as the startup champion, and their business will gain valuable exposure and recognition.

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